Double 2 Foot Long Nylon Shoulder Savior Pack


The Shoulder Savior has been designed to add comfort while carrying your sport equipment bag or any bag. Often bags dig into your shoulder while carrying them and the Shoulder Savior is designed to alleviate this discomfort. This package contains two 24 inch foam pieces with a athletic nylon material overlay. To see what the colors of your Shoulder Savior will look like please visit the "Shoulder Savior Atheltic (Original)" product page and click on your color of interest.

Shoulder Savior Athletic 2 Foot

  • The application of the Shoulder Savior is quick and easy. Just pull apart the velcro. Slip your bags strap between the slit in the foam. (You may pull off the plastic protecting the adhesive in the slit of the foam if you wish to keep you Shoulder Savior on that one bag, but if you would like to move the Shoulder Savior to different bags keep the plastic on.) Lastly put the velcro back together and enjoy your new comfort the Shoulder Savior will provide while carrying your bag.