Support and Comfort for Your Shoulder

Carry your bags with comfort, confidence and style. The Shoulder Savior has been designed to add comfort while carrying any kind of sling bag. Often bags dig into your shoulder while carrying them and the Shoulder Savior is designed to alleviate this discomfort.


Whether your looking for something to help you lug your hockey bag to the locker room, your computer bag to work, your purse around town, or your heavy duffel bag around the world and everywhere you travel, Shoulder Savior is guaranteed to help you out. With varying colors and designs your sure to find a Shoulder Savior to fit your style and needs.

The Shoulder Savior is made in the USA.

What Can You Use Shoulder Savior For?

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For Athletics

A Nylon Material

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For Business

Available in Pairs or in Singles

For Style

A Pleather Material

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For Travel

A Variety of Sizes

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The Shoulder Savior has been designed to add support and comfort while carrying your sport equipment bag or any bag. Often bags dig into your shoulder while carrying them and the Shoulder Savior is designed to alleviate this discomfort. Founded by Camillo Lazarczyk alongside family members, brother Valencio, Mother Michelle, and Father John. The idea stemmed from Camillo witnessing his hockey teammates fruitless attempts to find a way to make their bags more comfortable. Specially cut foam pieces are wrapped in a material overlay that comes in a array of colors. The foam pieces contain a slit along their lengths enabling you to slip your bag into the inside of the foam. To ensure the strap does not fall out of the foam, both sides of the slit contain a adhesive so the foam is sealed. Camillo took the product to Bucknell University's Shark Tank style Biz Pitch competition in the Fall of 2017, and earned the first place prize which was accompanied by a monetary award along with support from University and local SBDC faculty/staff. Please click shop to be directed to our products page where you can purchase the Shoulder Savior.

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The Shoulder Savior For Your Needs

Making Our Customers Happy


Shoulder Savior has recently expanded our offerings to make sure we have the products to best fit your need and style. In addition to our original athletic material designed to add comfort while carrying any of your athletic sling bags such has hockey, lacrosse, or tennis, we now also offer a pleather material more suited for the office or a fancy night out attached to your computer bag or purse. In response to customer demand some of our products now have multiple size offerings to best suit your bag. Available in pairs or as a single Shoulder Savior, Shoulder Savior rounds out it's new set of customer centric offerings.

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Does your whole team want Shoulder Saviors? Customize your Shoulder Savior with your team or school's name and colors to show your pride and spirit! We screen print custom text on original Shoulder Saviors, for large orders. Please contact us by phone or email to discuss your customized order.

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Application of Product

The application of the Shoulder Savior is quick and easy. Just pull apart the velcro. Slip your bags strap between the slit in the foam. (You may pull off the plastic protecting the adhesive in the slit of the foam if you wish to keep you Shoulder Savior on that one bag, but if you would like to move the Shoulder Savior to different bags keep the plastic on.) Lastly put the velcro back together and enjoy your new comfort the Shoulder Savior will provide while carrying your bag.

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